Making Sense of Yourself

Hosted by

Abby Covert & Alfi Oloo

Making Sense of Ourselves is a podcast about the hard work it takes to get to know yourself. Each episode listen to two peers spanning continents discussing introspection, self awareness, growth and peership.

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Making Sense of Ourselves

hosted by

Abby Covert & Alfi Oloo

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Episode 2: The Zone of Proximal Development

Dive deep into the foundational concept that first united Abby and Alfi as co-educators: the Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD). In this episode, they explore what ZPD is, why it's central to making sense of yourself, and how to recognize if you're in your own ZPD.

Topics in this episode:

🌱 Understanding the Zone of Proximal Development: Alfi introduces the concept of ZPD, originally coined by Soviet psychologist Lev Vygotsky, and discusses its importance in educational settings.

🛠️ Three Signs You're in Your ZPD: Abby and Alfi share personal stories and student anecdotes that illustrate the key indicators of working within your ZPD.

🎤 Guest Clips: Listen to clips from Sensemaker Club members who share their experiences of discovering their ZPD

🧑‍🏫 Practical Tips for Engaging with Your ZPD: Abby and Alfi provide actionable advice for listeners who want to identify and leverage their ZPD for personal growth.

🔍 Milestone Moments: Our hosts reflect on significant milestones in their journey of making sense of themselves and encourage listeners to consider their own.

🔄 Preview of Next Episode: Teaser for the upcoming discussion on collaborative problem-solving and the power of peership

Takeaways for Our Sensemakers:

  • Key insights into how recognizing and embracing your ZPD can dramatically enhance your learning and growth.
  • Encouragement to engage with more knowledgeable others and recognize when you are in a state of flow.
  • Practical steps to start exploring your own ZPD.

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About Abby

Abby Covert is an information architect with 20 years experience making sense of messes and teaching others how to do the same. Abby has written two books, How to Make Sense of Any Mess, a beginner’s guide to information architecture and Stuck? Diagrams Help. a field guide for the trek from diagram novice to diagram nerd.

About Alfi

Alfi is a self-taught product designer with a deep specialization in design systems. As a co-host of the "Edit Undo Podcast" and a trailblazing advocate for mentorship. Alfi introduced his innovative approach to mentorship—melding psychology and performance coaching—on the TEDx Pretoria stage in 2022, marking the start of a new chapter in his Professional Journey.