The Practitioner's Guide to How to Make Sense of Any Mess

Spend the next seven weeks reading (or rereading) How to Make Sense of Any Mess with Abby Covert as your guide. Each week this course will invite you to dig deeper into the core lessons from a chapter of the book and provide additional examples, templates, and guides ready for use in your next sensemaking challenge. 

Abby created this course for the reader who says: 

“Oh wow, this book is great, and now I need the accountability to apply what I learned to my real-life mess and real-life practice.”

Each week, you will receive:

  • 💌 1 of 7 letters from Abby reflecting on a chapter
  • ✨ New stories, case studies, and content that didn’t make it into the book
  • 🔮 Advanced sensemaking prompts to push your skills further week by week
  • 🧰 Bonus content from Abby’s toolbox to build on every chapter’s lessons

This course includes access to over US$100 in digital products designed by Abby including the IA Heuristic Review Workbook, NEW Diagram Cookbook (an excerpt of STUCK? Diagrams Help.), NEW Controlled Vocabulary Template, NEW Measurement Workbook, and Stakeholder Interview Guide.


$49.99 USD