Makesensemess 2022:

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Makesensemess is an annual celebration of sensemaking for hundreds of sensemakers from all around the world. These videos are from the celebration held on November 4, 2022.

Watch Seven New Sensemaker Talks


(The World's First?) Video Book Forward
Learn why we are all visual thinkers and what Stephen, a seasoned diagram nerd, took away from Stuck? Diagrams Help. Never heard of a video book forward? Us either! You might be the first audience to see the birth of a new genre.


"No, really what is a diagram?"

In this new talk, Abby got nerdy and specific about what we mean when we say the word diagram while sharing what she learned on her 18 month trek writing a book about diagramming. 

Each sensemaker shared a story about a diagram they made and reflect on how it helped them. When heard together, we hope you leave with a wider lens on how darn helpful diagrams really are, especially when you feel stuck.

  • Arabella Crawford - Diagramming to get a stronger understanding of self
  • Alfi Oloo - Diagramming towards stronger mentorship impact
  • Julia Lubarsky - Diagramming through a mental model change
  • Roy Scholten - Diagramming through a deep rabbit hole of special interest
  • Paul Wicks - Diagramming to understand unexplainable pain

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