This course is for folks who want to go from interested in information architecture to confidently practicing information architecture in the context of their own mess.

Read How to Make Sense of Any Mess with Abby Covert as your guide.


This course will invite you to dig deeper into the core lessons from a chapter of the book each week and provide additional examples, templates, and guides ready for use in your next sensemaking challenge.


Each week, you will receive: 
  • 💌 1 of 7 letters from Abby reflecting on a chapter
  • ✨ New stories and content that didn’t make it into the book
  • 🔮 Advanced sensemaking prompts to push your IA skills further 
  • 🧰 Bonus content from Abby’s toolbox*

* This course includes access to US$100 in digital products designed by Abby including her popular IA Heuristic Review Workbook, and Stakeholder Interviewing Guide and three brand NEW tools developed for this course.

  • Diagrammatic Cookbook (12 recipe excerpt of STUCK? Diagrams Help.)
  • Controlled Vocabulary Template
  • Measurement Taxonomy Workbook 




This is NOT a video course. This is a long-form written course building on a short book.

It was made for people who learn best through reading. If you don't learn best while reading, this course isn't for you.



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As a paying student of The Sensemaker Club you will be invited to Abby’s NEW monthly IA Office Hours, on the first friday of every month at Noon ET. These will all be recorded for any students who are unable to attend. This is your chance to share a story or question and to listen to other sensemakers share their frustrations, triumphs and burning questions. There is also a place for members to ask questions between calls, either for Abby or for other sensemakers to share their perspective or advice.


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