How to Diagram is a video eCourse taught by author and information architect, Abby Covert. This short, practical course will provide you with a deeper understanding of the purpose, process, and craftsmanship behind effective diagramming. 

Whether you're starting from scratch or looking to refine your existing diagramming skills, you'll gain valuable insights, tips, and practical advice to help with your next diagram.

This course has already helped 1000+ sensemakers improve their diagramming through Abby’s LIVE remote workshops. She recorded this course so you can learn on your own time, with or without corporate sponsorship. 

Diagrams have helped people for thousands of years.

When were we taught to diagram? And were we ever taught how to know if a diagram is any good? For too many people, the answers are never and no.

In late 2020, author and information architect, Abby Covert became quite stuck on that problem.

Stuck? Diagrams Help. was published in 2022. This course is based on the workshop Abby iterated on with students while researching and writing the book.

ūüéĀ An ePub copy of Stuck? Diagrams Help. is included with this course. 

Is Your Job Full of Diagrammatic Potential?

Conference rooms, museums, parks, social media, post offices, and grocery stores are a few of the everyday places where you might encounter a diagram‚ÄĒor five.

Not many industries or professional practices remain diagram-less. Below are ten professions for whom diagrams are helpful.

  1. Architects (info, data, built et al) projecting scope and vision for structure and language
  2. Designers navigating stakeholders through decisions
  3. Statisticians and Analysts telling stories with data
  4. Engineers and Technologists (data, front end, ML et al) explaining scope, connections, and logic
  5. Operations Managers making decisions about how information and resources flow
  6. Product Managers considering directional options and incremental planning 
  7. Project Managers trying to inspire a team with a shared vision and clear milestones
  8. Researchers (user, academic, market et al) zooming out on problem spaces and framing insights
  9. Teachers (early childhood, elementary, secondary, post secondary et al) visually engaging students to increase comprehension of topics
  10. Writers creating visuals to get their points across
Common Synonyms for Diagram:
  • Canvas

  • Chart 

  • Gantt

  • Graph

  • Figure

  • Flow

  • Framework

  • Information Graphic

  • Information Visualization

  • Journey

  • Map

  • Model

  • Schematic

  • Swim Lane

  • Workflow


About this Course

This video eCourse is organized into three 30 minute modules, each exploring one of these three questions:

  1. What is the purpose of diagrams and diagramming?

  2. What are common elements of diagrams? 

  3. How do we know if we are making good diagrams?


Diagrams Need Purpose.

The impact that diagrams can have on people who feel stuck is worth shouting from the rooftops. In this first module Abby introduces the secret villains in every sensemakers story, and the five heavy hitting super powers that diagrams use to combat them. 

Humans Need Process.

Diagrams are helpful in so many contexts, fields and industries it might be easy to forget that they actually have more in common than difference. In this second module Abby will introduce a simple, context-free process you can use to diagram anything. 

Good Diagrams Need Craft

When we are making diagrams it can be difficult to know if we are making diagrams that are effective, or even any good at all. In this third module Abby outlines nine principles for diagrammatic craft i and introduces four useful checklists for self critique. 


When you register for How to Diagram you'll receive access to 90 minutes of video lessons as well as full video transcripts. You will also receive an ePub copy of Stuck? Diagrams Help. and a downloadable Diagram Critique BINGO Card. 

You will get value from this course if you:

  • Serve or impact other humans
  • Feel limited¬†in your diagramming¬†
  • Are not¬†confident your diagrams¬†are good¬†

In just 90 minutes, this course will help you:

  1. Understand when diagramming is helpful 
  2. Learn a common process for diagramming
  3. Take-away nine heuristics of quality

Students get exclusive access to Abby’s quarterly diagram critique BINGO game.

Once a quarter join fellow sensemakers for an interactive session where we'll critique our own and each other's diagrams.Sessions are held once a quarter on the first Friday of February, May, August and November.

Our next LIVE session is May 2nd 2024 at Noon ET. 



In the corporate training world, Abby charges $250.00 - $500 per student for this course. This eCourse is available on a flexible sliding scale of pricing options, with hopes to ensure accessibility for all. There is no difference in the content that is delivered at each price-point. The label for each level indicates the type of student that price point feels fair for -- but you are the judge and jury. There is no proof required about eligibility for a certain price nor will you ever be questioned. Please pay whichever your heart feels is right and your wallet (or manager) can afford. 

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Abby Covert is an information architect, writer and community organizer with two decades of experience helping people make sense of messes.  


Abby has written two popular books, How to Make Sense of Any Mess and Stuck? Diagrams Help. She currently spends her time making things that help you to make the unclear, clear, many of which she makes available for free on her website www.abbycovert.com or at accessible price points in her popular Etsy shop AbbytheIA.

In 2022 she started The Sensemakers Club where she brings together sensemakers from different walks of life to learn from one another. Abby currently lives and writes from Melbourne, Florida where her most important job title is ‘Mom’.