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Episode 4: Uncovering Personal Values

In this episode of Making Sense of Ourself, Abby and Alfi delve into the essential topic of uncovering personal values. They explore how to identify your core values, shed those that no longer serve you, and integrate value-based decision-making into your daily life. Topics in this episode: 🔍 Why Personal Values Matter: Abby and Alfi discuss the journey to discovering personal values and why they are crucial for personal growth and authentic living. Abby shares her process of sifting through lists of values to find the most meaningful ones, using Pinterest as an initial source. 📊 From Overwhelming Lists to Meaningful Words: Abby explains how she condensed thousands of value words into a manageable list of 300 and then further narrowed them down into categories, making the process approachable and insightful for their students. 🗺️ Five Guiding Questions: Alfi and Abby outline five essential questions that help uncover core values: 1. Which values do you aspire to see in yourself? 2. Which values do you aspire to in how you relate to others? 3. Which values do you aspire to when making a decision? 4. Which values do you aspire to when things are going wrong? 5. Which values do you aspire to when things are going right? 🎭 Balancing Continuums: The hosts introduce the concept of balancing continuums, a tool to help maintain equilibrium between undervaluing and overvaluing one’s core values. They share personal examples and how this tool aids in navigating life’s complexities. 💡 Real-Life Applications: Alfi and Abby reflect on their own experiences using these values and balancing tools in their daily lives, including how Abby used these tools to decide on a speaking engagement and how Alfi applied them to rebuild his social fabric through hosting weekly dinner discussions. 📣 SenseMakers Club Updates: Abby shares exciting updates about the SenseMakers Club, including the successful launch of the Founders membership and upcoming daily discussion groups. She highlights the ongoing effort to foster a strong, values-based community. 🌟 Final Thoughts: The hosts encourage listeners to explore their values and integrate them into their lives, emphasizing that understanding and living by one’s values is an ongoing, spiral journey of self-discovery and growth. Takeaways for Our Sensemakers: - The importance of identifying and living by personal values. - Practical tools to help balance and integrate values into everyday life. - Inspiration to engage in meaningful conversations and community building. As always, we appreciate your feedback and engagement. Please like, review, and subscribe to continue making sense of ourselves together.