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The Sensemakers Club with Information Architect Abby Covert
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If you are motivated to teach modern students timeless sensemaking skills, this is the monthly meet-up for you!

What to Expect

We will meet on the third Friday every month (August thru May) at 2 PM Eastern via Google Meet.

Your host is Chris Collette who is a teacher with 25+ years of experience in Graduate level instruction. 

There will be an optional (but enticingly nerdy) monthly prompt. The prompt might be a short video to watch, thought exercise to try or article to read. 

Each hang will be 60 minutes long and the agenda is as follows:

  • Welcome - 5 min introduce meeting flow & rules
  • Guided Discussion  - 25 min to discuss this month’s pre-announced topic 
  • Teacher Hot Takes & Tea Parties - 30 min of open floor where we offer 3 min per teacher to talk, vent, complain, and/or brag with no interruption or cross-talk. During this time in-chat advice, support and follow-up offers are welcome and encouraged. 

There will be an optional 30 minutes where the room will remain open and hosted for folks to connect and chat more casually.  

The Sensemakers Club has a code of conduct and we expect teachers to review and follow it. These meetings will not be recorded as to respect the walls of the meeting as our agreed to non-disclosure agreement. 

If the room ever grows to more than 15 teachers we will start and end in a room together and break out into multiple rooms for the hot takes and tea parties so everyone gets their air time (perhaps needed to dry all that dirty laundry).

Join Teachers Who Make Sense

This meeting is free to teachers who have purchased or been gifted The Teachers Guide to How to Make Sense of Any Mess. It is also open to any teacher who has been personally invited by an existing group member.

If you got this link, chances are you were meant to join.

The Sensemakers Club with Information Architect Abby Covert

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